Your Influence.

As a newcomer to influencer marketing, Zoe Elle is your partner in gaining the experience you need to make the most from your social assets.  

Become a Zoe Elle Influencer today, and monetize your reach through powerful brand partnerships we broker,  just for you.




Your Brand.

Zoe Elle knows that influencer marketing, while effective, can be very costly.  That’s why we give emerging brands like yours the opportunity to make high impact returns with micro-influencer marketing and analytics.

Supercharge your business today with our data driven and cost efficient marketing strategies.



Your Way.

Unique merchandising for the modern shopper.

Here at Zoe Elle, we believe that our partners know their audience best.

That’s why we give our influencers the creative freedom to merchandise partner products to the interests of their followers.

And, we power our brand partners with pre-vetted influencers that match the niche, vision and goals of their upcoming campaigns.  

At the end of the campaign, each member is provided with performance metrics so that they can make strategic plans for the future.

After all – if content is king, clean and intuitive metrics are his currency.

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Influencer Partner Features

  1. Get access to our exclusive catalog of partner merchandise before it hits the Zoe Elle marketplace. 
  2. Select from dozens of items to have delivered to your doorstep – for free.
  3. Submit photos for use in the Zoe Elle shop.
  4. Upload photos & affiliate links onto your Instagram. 
  5. Earn a commission on every purchase you refer to our platform. 

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Brand Partner Features

Together, we’ll team up to select items to feature in the Zoe Elle marketplace. Then, our marketing experts will reach out to influencers who naturally embody your brand’s identity – on your behalf.  

  1. We buy and send your branded items to influencers. 
  2. You only pay 15% commission for trafficked sales.
  3. Work with the hottest bohemian micro-influencers.
  4. Access analytics for your campaigns’ influencers and sales.

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